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    With NEXT Finance, taking care of your money can be simpler!

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All you need to

control of your finances

All types of accounts and investments in one place

  • Control your checking accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash, credit card, accounts in others countries and whatever else you need.

Cash flow and management

  • Make strategic analysis of your transactions, enabling efficient
    decision making.
  • Build real-time simulations and track results.

Manage investments

  • Follow all types of investments: stocks, bonds, savings, mutual funds and ETFs, cryptocurrency, IRA and others.

Manages multiple companies
and persons

  • Manage the finances of several account holders, whether individuals or companies.

Exchange of financial data with

major financial institutions

NEXT Finance is compatible with several banks for checking account conciliation.

Easy to use

  • With a few clicks, you have awesome control for your money.
  • Productivity for you and your business.

Personal Customer Service

    Questions? Our team it's ready to answer.

Choose the best plan

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Includes all the basic features of NEXT Finance:

  • Manage checking accounts, cash, savings, credit cards, investments, loans and others.
  • Account receivable and payable.
  • Cash Flow Analysis.
  • Customizable categories and cost centers.
  • Customers and Suppliers data.
  • Files and documents attached to transactions.
  • Statement reconciliation.
  • Budget definition by categories and Cost Center.
  • Budgeted vs. Accomplished Analysis.
from R$ 79,00 a month



Includes all features of NEXT Finance Standard and more:

  • Collection Account Management.
  • Multiple Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.
  • Bank Slip Generation.
  • Payment File creation.
from R$ 139,00 a month


Investors and Family Office

Includes all features of NEXT Finance Professional and more:

  • Advanced analysis with multiple currencies.
from R$ 189,00 a month

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